Friday, May 7, 2010

New Pots and Pans

For months, I have been asking, looking, researching, shopping, waiting for sales and saving for a new set of pans. I have been cooking on the same pans for 16 years. They were so old and used I'm sure we were eating flakes of the pan with our dinner...and they were becoming deformed. It's about time I got a new set!!!
I was so excited that I was singing and dancing around all day long. My kids have probably never seen me so happy. It's amazing was a little thing like a new, good pot will do!! (Some might agree in more ways than one.)

I opened the box, laid them and myself on the floor and just stared. I was also sooo excited to tell my family what an awsome deal I got too . Because I watched sales, and used just the right coupon I saved over $100 on this set, and I recieved to bonus pans!! I'm becoming quite the coupon shopper lately. They are absolutely as fabulous to cook on as I dreamed. I've been using them all week and I don't even mind hand washing them after dinner. In fact, I haven't even let the kids wash them yet. LOVE THEM!!! (The pans and the kids, of course)

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  1. I like the picture where your rolling on the floor with your pots and pans! Cute!